Re: Dons flame resistant (3 hours) interface about Linked Data URIs

On 10/7/09 12:23, Juan Sequeda wrote:
> Steve is right.
> If I am not wrong, when TBL gave his talk at CERN for the 20th
> aniversary of the web, he said that he was amazed that people were
> hacking HTML by hand. He never expected it.
> Now... we are the geeks doing RDF, conneg, linked data by hand... In a
> couple of years we will create tools for the non-geeks
> We have to learn from our history and not get ahead of ourselves.

RDF has been a W3C Recommendation since February, 1999.  The RDF work 
went public in Oct 1997.

A lot has happened since then...

Definitely we've done a lot of hacker-grade stuff in the meantime. But 
tools for going mainstream are getting overdue! Even tools for 
developers: eg. regular Redland builds on Windows; a solid packaged Ruby 
library, etc.

Re tools for publishing, given the fiddlyness of doing RDF right, my 
vote is for everything that allows tools on one site to post RDF into 
another. I've suggested before that AtomPub + OAuth would be a plausible 
starting point, but I'm open to suggestions.

Re non-geeks, is a must-watch...



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