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Re: RDFa in Wikipedia

From: Jason Borro <jason@openguid.net>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 13:55:31 -0600
Message-ID: <48E28433.9010404@openguid.net>
To: Frederick Giasson <fred@fgiasson.com>
CC: public-lod@w3.org

Good explanation Frederick.

Open GUID does not make the distinction between subjects and named 
entities, it leaves that up to specific ontology/data providers.

Back to the original topic of an RDFa 'about' attribute on a Wikipedia 
article, an UMBEL subject concept would fit perfectly there and move the 
isAbout declaration to the source.  For named entities, however, the 
attribute would point to the "http://umbel.org/umbel/ne/wikipedia" 
namespace, which is just itself, and thus subject to volatile URI and 
notability limitations.  But as Chris pointed out, this is perfectly 
fine for some use cases.

My old Databases 101 professor would argue that a fixed identifier is 
the best way to associate data, but I suppose this is Web 420 class.

Maybe it's best to look at Open GUID as an UMBEL named entity 
dictionary.  One that is meant to be linked by people and unlimited in 
scope.  Whether there are enough use cases to support the linking effort 
remains to be seen.


 > Frederick Giasson wrote:
> Exactly. One thing I will stress again in this discussion: UMBEL is 
> basically two things: (1) a Subject Concept structure (space) and (2) a 
> aggregation of Named Entities dictionaries (instances of classes). 
> Please refer to the glossary to read the definition of each concept[1].
> DBpedia is about instances of classes. DBpedia is linked (via sameAs 
> since they come from the same data source: Wikipedia) to UMBEL named 
> entities, and not UMBEL's subject concept structure (the SC structure 
> helps instantiating these named entitites though).
> So, two things here: Wikipedia articles can be referred to many things. 
> Two of these things are: this article is about this subject concept and 
> this article is related to this other named entity.
> I think Jason is more thinking about linking Wikipedia articles with 
> topical concepts; which refers to UMBEL subject concept. The linkage can 
> be done using the umbel:isAbout predicate and any UMBEL subject concept.
> [1] http://umbel.org/sc_ne.html
> Thanks
> Take care,
> Fred
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