Re: RDFa in Wikipedia

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> Wikipedia URIs evolve over time as new concepts are added and 
> disambiguated.  Any data linked to those URIs would need remapping. 
> There is also a notability requirement for existence.
> UMBEL has a nice subject concept space, though some would argue it is 
> just one view of the world.  Linked entities can benefit if they find 
> a place in that ontology.

Exactly. One thing I will stress again in this discussion: UMBEL is 
basically two things: (1) a Subject Concept structure (space) and (2) a 
aggregation of Named Entities dictionaries (instances of classes). 
Please refer to the glossary to read the definition of each concept[1].

DBpedia is about instances of classes. DBpedia is linked (via sameAs 
since they come from the same data source: Wikipedia) to UMBEL named 
entities, and not UMBEL's subject concept structure (the SC structure 
helps instantiating these named entitites though).

So, two things here: Wikipedia articles can be referred to many things. 
Two of these things are: this article is about this subject concept and 
this article is related to this other named entity.

I think Jason is more thinking about linking Wikipedia articles with 
topical concepts; which refers to UMBEL subject concept. The linkage can 
be done using the umbel:isAbout predicate and any UMBEL subject concept.



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Received on Tuesday, 30 September 2008 12:00:27 UTC