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François-Paul Servant wrote:
> Kingsley Idehen a écrit :
>> Chris Bizer wrote:
>>> ...
>>> Depending on how much data integration you need, you then start to 
>>> apply
>>> some identity resolution and schema mapping techniques. We have been 
>>> talking
>>> to some pharma and media companies that do data warehousing for 
>>> years and
>>> they all seam to be very interested in this quick and dirty approach.
>> "Quick & Dirty" is simply not how I would characterize this matter. I 
>> prefer to describe this as step 1 in a multi phased approach to RDF 
>> based data integration.
> Kingsley, I agree. I find it clean to make the basic but necessary 
> first steps towards data integration (identification of things, 
> mapping, etc.). Building upon legacy systems, that you just have to 
> adapt, doesn't make the approach dirty: it makes it possible ;-)


In my world view, "quick & dirty" is synonymous with inherent inability 
to scale across quality vectors such as:
1. Integration use-case complexity
2. Data volume growth
3. Concurrent usage growth
4. Deployment target growth

When encounter "quick & dirty" associated with anything in the  
technology realm, the items above send off deafening alarm bells in my 
head :-)


> cheers,
> fps
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