Re: Drilling into the LOD Cloud

On 29 Sep 2008, at 00:51, Peter Ansell wrote:

> That is fine for classes, but how do you map individuals without  
> metadata side-effects?

The simple answer is "you can't", at least in general. The trick with  
equivalentClass (and property) is that it takes equivalence with  
respect to a particular facet of the individual: its 'class-ness'. See  
also OWL 2 punning (as far as I understand it), where you'd think  
about [X qua class] and [X qua individual]. For a generic individual  
we have no facets.

Now there's not necessarily a problem here. There are plenty of  
perfectly good uses for sameAs: foo:Tony_Blair owl:sameAs  
bar:Tony_Blair. But what about foo:Gordon_Brown owl:sameAs  
bar:PM_of_UK? foo:Geo_China owl:sameAs bar:PRC?

There's a huge literature about these issues, which ought to be  
warning enough that there's no simple solution. And a neutral term  
equivalentTo strikes me as virtually useless. So go for the easy  
patches, things like sameConceptAs and the frbr-ish sameWorkAs. They  
cover a lot of what we want to do. I could see sameGeoRegion having  
some utility in the future, and no doubt others can chip in more.

These are my Monday morning thoughts, so be warned.


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