Re: LLD in an unstable LD world (was: Digression on URI patterns)

On Sun, Sep 05, 2010 at 08:48:09AM -0700, Karen Coyle wrote:
> It seems to me that the most important activities in the LLD area  
> today are ones that are "pre-LD" -- that is, the attempts to formally  
> define the domain models and vocabularies in a way that will be  
> compatible with LD. To this end, it might be good to take a closer  
> look at some of those structures from an LD point of view. I have been  
> glancing at the registered version of FRAD [2] and have some concerns  
> and questions. The biggest question in my mind at the moment, however,  
> is: what is the mechanism to bring LD principles into the modeling  
> activities that are taking place? Can we "incubate" at that pre-LD  
> activity point?

I agree that LD input into modeling activities is crucial,
though the attention resources and time-frame of the _LLD_
activity will not let us do this in much detail.  Our goals
are pretty much limited to defining and prioritizing follow-on
activities, post-May 2011, among which could be "input to
modeling activities" - but I agree that clocks are ticking,
concrete is setting, etc, and we somehow need to do that
in parallel.

I am putting Gordon onto the agenda for Thursday's call to
report on the state of play with IFLA, RDA, etc [1].  Karen,
would you (or others) like to report on the call too?

Question to all: if we were to take half of this week's
telecon to do this, would that be a good use of our time?
Soon we will also need to decide how much of the F2F meeting
in Pittsburgh to devote to this.  What should we reasonably
try to achieve both on the call and in Pittsburgh?


[1] ACTION: Gordon will prepare something on RDA, FRBR etc. for 
discussion in Sept. agenda [recorded in]

Tom Baker <>

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