LLD in an unstable LD world (was: Digression on URI patterns)

Quoting Thomas Baker <tbaker@tbaker.de>:

> We could continue to discuss this on public-lld; it is very
> relevant to the topic "library linked data"!  We can also flag
> it as an issue (and possible candidate for follow-up actions)
> in the LLD Incubator Group.  However in my view, detailed
> technical discussion should be out of scope for the Incubator
> Group per se.  Since this is relevant to more than libraries,
> this would be a great issue to raise on the Pedantic Web list
> [1].

This is an issue that comes out also in our topic list. [1] There are  
numerous aspects of LD that are not yet fully resolved, but that  
logically exist outside of the more specific question of LLD. We  
cannot resolve these within the LLD activity. Instead, we may need to  
develop "work-arounds" in order to move library data forward, knowing  
that our first attempts may need to be revised at a later date. To  
that end, being aware of those unresolved issues, and making the most  
informed choices based on that, are key to our (the library world's)  

It seems to me that the most important activities in the LLD area  
today are ones that are "pre-LD" -- that is, the attempts to formally  
define the domain models and vocabularies in a way that will be  
compatible with LD. To this end, it might be good to take a closer  
look at some of those structures from an LD point of view. I have been  
glancing at the registered version of FRAD [2] and have some concerns  
and questions. The biggest question in my mind at the moment, however,  
is: what is the mechanism to bring LD principles into the modeling  
activities that are taking place? Can we "incubate" at that pre-LD  
activity point?


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