Re: LLD in an unstable LD world (was: Digression on URI patterns)

Quoting Thomas Baker <>:

> I agree that LD input into modeling activities is crucial,
> though the attention resources and time-frame of the _LLD_
> activity will not let us do this in much detail.  Our goals
> are pretty much limited to defining and prioritizing follow-on
> activities, post-May 2011, among which could be "input to
> modeling activities" - but I agree that clocks are ticking,
> concrete is setting, etc, and we somehow need to do that
> in parallel.

Exactly. I don't see resolving this as a task for the WG, but I do see  
this as a key area that must be taken into account in incubation  
activities. As Jon and Gordon know well, the work on RDA has been  
hindered by the fact that semantic web principles are only being  
applied "after the fact" of RDA development, and there appear to be  
some discrepancies between the output of RDA and what would make sense  
in a Semantic Web environment. We are unlikely to be successful at LLD  
if there isn't some iteration between the developers of the library  
models and semantic web development. (Actually, one of the big issues  
is that there is an "us" and a "them" -- two separate groups working  
on what should be a single model or group of models.)


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