Re: API documentation techniques

Hi Kaspar,

if your Linked Data API is backed by SPARQL, take a look at Linked
Data Templates:
It's a specification for definitions (not merely descriptions) of Linked Data.

We have implemented validation using SPIN (basically SPARQL)


On Wed, Jan 29, 2020 at 3:13 PM Kaspar Püüding
<> wrote:
> Hey everyone!
> I am researching API documentation toolings for linked data APIs.
> The main goal is to have Swagger-like experience tailored for rdf. I know Hydra looks to be heading in that direction but it seems they have very little momentum.
> I am particularly interested in solving the body validation problem. Has someone implemented a SHACL based validation for this purpose?
> All thoughts are welcome
> Yours
> Kaspar

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