RE: In the spec, swap RFC4627 for RFC7159

Hi Thomas,

I've thought about this before myself but am still on the fence on what to
do. Unfortunately, RFC7159 isn't simply a reclassification of RFC4627 to
bring it on the standards track but also contains a number of BC-breaking
changes. For example, it loosens the restriction on top-level constructs (in
RFC4627 only objects and arrays are allowed, in RFC7159 everything is). I'd
thus prefer to not make this change at this point.

Is there any reason to update the ref apart from "let's use the latest

Markus Lanthaler

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> Subject: In the spec, swap RFC4627 for RFC7159
> Hi all,
> Finally with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) ending their
> work on RFC7159 (, I suggest
> the JSON-LD spec refers to RFC7159 rather than the older RFC4627.
> Thoughts? FWIW, I've sent pull request
> proactively.
> Best,
> Tom
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