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On Thursday, August 15, 2013 11:00 PM, Dan Brickley wrote:
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> So I'd rather get this done directly ASAP at There are a
> few pieces to do, but parallelizable.

Me too!

> 1. We need to get rehosted on appspot, so that the homepage
> can be content-negotiated. I'm handling that with colleagues at
> Google. Approx ETA 1-week to 1-month.


> 2. We need to be sure that the context fairly represents
> Is
> the latest integrated
> design/proposal from the JSON-LD community, obsoleting previous
> sketches?

No, it's not. That context is used by a tool our Google Summer of Code student is working on.

> There were some threads with me, Sandro, Gregg after we
> spent time hacking around at SemTech. One issue was how we deal with
> properties that say can either take a string or a thing?
> While generally accepts that publishers will mix these up,
> there are a few specific cases where variant value types are
> encouraged. Sandro made a nice list and tried to categorize; I'll dig
> that out.

In that case I wouldn't coerce them to @id them in the context. In case a URL is needed, it's always possible to use the { "@id": "URL" } construct directly in the data. If there are more properties, it will be the natural thing to do anyway.

> Looking at the draft above, I see it uses xsd types, and
> wonder if those might be a bit strict. What practical effect do they
> have?

The practical effect is that they'll shop up when the document is expanded or converted to another RDF serialization format. In (compacted) JSON-LD they'll remain invisible.

> 3. We need to get generation of the latest version of a context file
> integrated into This is mostly on me. The information we
> have that can be used for generating said context file is mostly
> exposed here, though I'll
> write something that generates the context doc alongside the RDFa
> exporter, based on internal APIs / code.


> While waiting in (1.) I can already fairly easily run copies of
> on appspot (e.g. we do this for drafts like sdo-
>; while working on (3.) I could make a first cut
> that serves a static one-off context file and put it up in that manner
> for now. Which makes the generation of this first cut static version
> of context the most important thing to collaborate on, for now.

Sounds great. Let me know how I can help.

Markus Lanthaler

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