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On 08/15/2013 05:00 PM, Dan Brickley wrote:
> So I'd rather get this done directly ASAP at 
> <>.

+1, I think we'd all prefer that.

> There are a few pieces to do, but parallelizable.
> 1. We need to get <> rehosted on appspot,
> so that the homepage can be content-negotiated. I'm handling that
> with colleagues at Google. Approx ETA 1-week to 1-month.


> 2. We need to be sure that the context fairly represents 
> <>. Is
> the latest integrated design/proposal from the JSON-LD community,
> obsoleting previous sketches?

No, this was a first cut done by Vikash (the JSON-LD GSoC student) and
it's very rough. Probably not as good as what Sandro had done before. We
wanted to get something workable out there and improve it through iteration.

> There were some threads with me, Sandro, Gregg after we spent time
> hacking around at SemTech. One issue was how we deal with properties
> that <> say can either take a string or a
> thing?

Yeah, in that case, you can do this in the context:

  "foo": ""

If you're not specific in JSON-LD, then the property can have a value
that is any allowable value in JSON-LD - string, URL, number, etc. In
other words, if you don't provide type coercion details, the value can
be anything.

> Looking at the draft above, I see it uses xsd types, and wonder if
> those might be a bit strict. What practical effect do they have?

It lets developers know to use a particular date/time format. It allows
future JSON-LD linters to lint the JSON-LD based on the JSON-LD context.

> 3. We need to get generation of the latest version of a context file 
> integrated into <>. This is mostly on
> me.

Any word on getting the site onto a github repo and taking
pull requests. There are many people in this community that would like
to help improve the site.

> I could make a first cut that serves a static one-off context file
> and put it up in that manner for now. Which makes the generation of
> this first cut static version of context the most important thing to
> collaborate on, for now.


Let us know what you need from this community and we'd be happy to make
it a priority and put some people on it. Even better, put up
on github and we could start filing pull requests. The
companies stay in control of the repository, but get more people helping
to improve the site.

-- manu

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