Re: Yet another serialization format?

On 06/27/2011 01:00 PM, William Waites wrote:
> * [2011-06-27 22:28:46 +0800] Markus Lanthaler <> écrit:
> ] The only use case I've heard here is, as far as I remember, PaySwarm - which
> ] I admittedly didn't have a close look at. I think a linked data approach
> ] based on JSON should be based on the applications where JSON is currently
> ] used, i.e., Web APIs. One of the things the clearly differentiates Web APIs
> ] from the "document-based Web" is that the representations usually follow a
> ] quite strict schema and all look the same.
> One thing that some people want to be able to do is take LD and put it
> into one of the mongo/couch/riak type databases - I'm not sure it has
> been mentioned here but it is definitely something that comes up
> relatively often in my conversations with people. If we get the spec
> right, it will be possible to do this and at the same time have
> an easy compatibility with RDF for interchanging data amongst these
> databases.


What do you think the JSON-LD spec does right now that doesn't allow
this to happen in mongo/couch/riak?

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