Re: Yet another serialization format?

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] The only use case I've heard here is, as far as I remember, PaySwarm - which
] I admittedly didn't have a close look at. I think a linked data approach
] based on JSON should be based on the applications where JSON is currently
] used, i.e., Web APIs. One of the things the clearly differentiates Web APIs
] from the "document-based Web" is that the representations usually follow a
] quite strict schema and all look the same.

One thing that some people want to be able to do is take LD and put it
into one of the mongo/couch/riak type databases - I'm not sure it has
been mentioned here but it is definitely something that comes up
relatively often in my conversations with people. If we get the spec
right, it will be possible to do this and at the same time have
an easy compatibility with RDF for interchanging data amongst these


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