Re: Relative URI Bugs in Examples?

Short version: I agree, and good catch.
For others: these comments are about ** LDP **, not BP&G as the only LDP 
citation might lead you to think (as I did on a quick triage skim the 
first time).
Cody/Roger/Nandana/Miguel, you might want to check your docs for 
example-pattern creep on this.

Long version, lest Alexandrei et al. think I've been replaced by a pod 
- Strictly speaking, I don't think we can say from the outside that 
they're wrong.  The URIs the server selected are non-intuitive to me and 
sounds like to you, but only the server knows if they're wrong or not b/c 
the server owns the URIs and resources.
- As a WG member playing the role of server, I think our intent is to be 
clear not tricksy, and in that sense I assert they're wrong.  As I read 
you to be doing.
- As someone who commented on the pre-Submission drafts where /nw1 
originated, I think I know where this originated and if I'm right it's not 
entirely surprising ("syntax left to the editors to fix", you know what I 
mean thought)
- Obviously when "the editors" (aka we/I) took a pass through to ensure 
the examples validated, I wasn't paying as much attention to all the URIs 
in the output n-triples as I would like to have in hindsight.

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