Relative URI Bugs in Examples?

In the examples, the relative URIs seem to be broken.  Most notably for
resources that have constituents but do not follow best practice 2.6 [1]
and ending the URI with a /.  In particular, example 14 cannot (as far as
we can tell) possibly be correct.

Using it as an example, the base URI for example 14 is the request URI
/netWorth/nw1 as per [1].  Note well, there is no / on the end of
the URI as this is not a container itself, but _is_ the base URI for the

The example contains several relative URIs, not all of which can be correct
at the same time.

1.  Non-container relative URIs

o:advisor <advisors/bob#me>,

Resolves to:


Rather than:


As the Request-URI does not end in a /

This pattern repeats in all of the examples that have /netWorth/nw1 as the
Request URI.

2. Container relative URIs

ldp:membershipResource <>;

Resolves to the base URI which is actually correct in this case :)

However within the container's description:

ldp:contains <bob>

Resolves relative to the Request URI to:


Which seems completely wrong :(

Unless we're missing something?


[2] LDP servers must assign the default base-URI for [RFC3987]
relative-URI resolution to be the HTTP Request-URI when the resource
already exists, and to the URI of the created resource when the request
results in the creation of a new resource.

Rob Sanderson
Technology Collaboration Facilitator
Digital Library Systems and Services
Stanford, CA 94305

Received on Monday, 8 September 2014 19:55:06 UTC