Re: ldp-ISSUE-73 (rdf:member): LDPCs to list all their rdf:member [Linked Data Platform core]

> An LDPR MUST/SHOULD list all the resources that were created in it 
> with a POST as rdf:member .
> That is doing a GET on the LDPC should return a list of members. 
> These members are the HTTP resources that are GETable, PATCHable, 
> POSTable, DELETEable .

We agree that they're HTTP resources.  Probably GETable.  The others, 
depends on the container's implementation capabilities.
Other container members (those created via means other than POST/Create 
... PUT, PATCH, out of band means) may behave exactly the same way as 
members created through the container.

> Advantages:
>  - a client can easily find out all the members of an LDPC by GETing
> it and querying the returned representation with some query  that is
> the equivalent of the SPARQL
>       SELECT ?member WHERE { <> rdf:member ?member } 

The formulation above only yields "all" the members when the container 
supports Create and DOES NOT support any other form of membership 
modifications.  No doubt an interesting subset for certain 
implementations, but not at all useful in my space.
Unless we're back to talking about profiles, which did not seem to thrill 
anyone the first time, I don't think this works as it has been portrayed.

Best Regards, John

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