Need new Product(s) in Tracker

Could we get Products created so that we can target Actions against the 
Deployment Guide and/or Primer? 
Current choices are core, UCR, tests, WG mechanics.... none of which seems 
like the right choice for content the WG says should land in deployment 
guide/primer.  Editors for each document are different, we're using 
Actions to manage the work queue. 
I also note that UNassigning an action (via Edit, since Create refuses to 
let that past) does not clear the Person field in the open/all queries, 
even with clearing the browser cache and reloading the page.  Which seems 
... like a bug. 
e.g. looking at 59. 
And product does not appear to be something one can filter Actions on very 
usefully since it does not appear in the /open or /all results. 

Best Regards, John

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Received on Friday, 17 May 2013 17:47:10 UTC