Re: membershipSubject clarification

> The way I interpreted Henry's email was that the rdf:member 
> assertion about the <meetings/> container was *in addition to* the 
> cal:meetings assertion on the <#me> resource ... I mostly came to 

Clearly we need Henry to clarify his intent in order to usefully proceed.

> That said, there is something disconcerting about re-referencing a 
> resource, and finding a bunch of triples where the subject is some 
> other resource (or is that just me ???).  In an older proposal [1], 

You meant "de-" I presume?

Yeah, coming from a REST point of view and being familiar with SOAP/OO 
thinking as well, it's "different".
I just made my peace with it over time, partially by thinking more deeply 
about the semantics of things.  I.e. when I say "Roger is a great guy", 
and when Steve says "John said Roger is a great guy", those are different 
and I can see ways both in pure-RDF and in RDF accessed via HTTP to 
express those things.  If you prefer a different analogy, think of taxes: 
you have your books about your finances, Revenue has their books about 
your finances, and in effect you compare the two sets of statements 
weeding out errors until they agree.

Or, I'm rabid and don't know enough yet to poke holes in my current dream. 
 Now where did I put that Red pill?

Best Regards, John

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