Re: Discovery/Affordances (Issue-32/Issue-57)

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> Henry Story <> wrote on 06/11/2013 11:36:04 PM: 
> > 
> > Ok, so I have spent a day trying to understand what it is that Erik 
> > Wilde is proposing, and I can 
> > get nowhere with it. So please can he propose something that is 
> > coherent and clearly written out 
> > so that we can have some ability to understand what he wants? 
> > 
> > Henry 
> Hi Henry, 
> Are you referring to the proposal to use a profile? I'm the one who's made the proposal and I explained both why I made it and what it is. 
> Let's hope we can use next week's F2F to more effictively communicate and come to an understanding if not an agreement.

Ah ok. 

Can you show us the full Link header that you would propose be 
used by the Server to show what it is you think needs saying.
This Link header will contain a relation and a value. 
What is the value, and what is the relation meant to mean?

Then it will be easier to see if one can agree to that, and what
the consequences of this is meant to be.


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