Re: proposal on ldp:profile ( Issue-48 ) -- was: Discovery/Affordances (Issue-32/Issue-57)

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> Hi Henry, 
> Henry Story <> wrote on 06/10/2013 11:57:22 PM:
> > >> I see this is as a simple marker that doesn't require much anything else
> > >> than be defined in the spec as a way the server can advertise it is
> > >> supporting LDP.
> > 
> > I think the problems in our discussions comes from this way of 
> > phrasing things, 
> > as it confuses two seperate topics:
> > 
> >   a) how do you know a resource is an LDPC/LDPR ? ("that it is 
> > supporting LDP")
> >   b) how do you constrain what types of resources can be member of an LDPC .
> > 
> > The profile is doing the second thing (b) 
> > ...
> I don't understand why you pick that particular constraint and decide that this is what the LDP profile would be about. 
> This is especially confusing because there is no such constraint that I know of in LDP today. Any type of resource can be a member of an LDPC. 
> And this is not at all the what I'm hearing people say about why they want something to identify LDP resources beyond RDF.

Do you mean constraint (b) ?
I explained that in the paragraph that followed right after the piece of my e-mail that you cut.

I cite RFC6906 entitled "The 'profile' Link Relation Type" which is written by a certain 
E. Wilde of EMC Corporation, which our Erik Wilde linked to in the mail I was responding to
The end of the introduction has the following text

   As one example, consider the case of podcasts, where a specific kind
   of feed uses additional fields for media-related metadata.  Using a
   'profile' link, it would be easily possible for clients to understand
   that a specific feed is supposed to be a podcast feed, and that it
   may contain entries using podcast-specific fields.  This may allow a
   client to behave differently when handling such a feed (such as
   rendering a podcast-specific UI), even when the current set of
   entries in the feed may not contain any podcast entries.  (
   Section 5.3 gives more details for this example.)

this passage was also cited by Kingsley Idehen in the thread 
"Discovery/Affordances (Issue-32/Issue-57)"

If you read this carefully it is clear that the aim of this profile
is to constrain the type of elements that appear in a podcast feed.

I have often heard Erik Wilde ask for such constraints. They can 
be useful in that you may want a LDPC to be a place people POST 
specific types of RDF graphs, eg:

  - card addition events
  - shopping orders
  - bug report additions
  - etc....

Furthermore it is not the first time that Erik Wilde makes this
request. In Issue-48 I point to a few places where he voiced
this request. I happen to think it is not a bad idea.

Does this help, or have I missed something?


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