Re: ldp-ISSUE-75 (monotonicity): rdf:membershipProperty makes LDP PATCHing non-monotonic [Linked Data Platform core]

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> > [ Hi John, it would help if in the snippets of conversation you keepthe names 
> > of those who were speaking. like I do below: ] 
> We each do what our mail client enables us to do with relative ease.  Given the volume of emails, little other practical choice.  My email client is my employer's choice.  In a perfect world, the replies would be linked to the reflector URL.  World is imperfect. 

I have never heard of an e-mail client that did not make it easy to add the headers
"On $date, at $time, $author wrote:" and do indentation.
Emacs could do that 30 years ago.

> > > This mean you may have to parse the whole graph to get to know how 
> > > to deduce the ldp:includes relation I postit in ISSUE-79 
> > I meant ldp:contains sorry. 
> OK.  Not something to be done without consideration, agree; I am familiar with the special requirements of streaming implementations from XML Schema discussions when a WG I used to chair was extending XSD.  I will note however, having read much of the JSON-LD LC draft on the plane out to SemTechBiz, that you may have to parse an entire JSON-LD graph representation in order to find the @context information.  So in the RDF space there is some precedent in the making here, and perhaps others already in existence.  Not a reason to pile on willy-nilly, either. 

JSON-LD is not a finished standard, so that could well be something that is up for discussion there. 

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