Re: ldp-ISSUE-11 (Server-managed properties): Do we need to define server-managed properties or do we leave them to applications? [Linked Data Platform core]

Hi Raúl,

On 30/01/13 09:17, Raúl García Castro wrote:
> As Arnaud says, the issue is not resolved yet. Since in the last telcos
> there was not time for discussing it, maybe we can try to advance
> discussion here.

I've joined the last two calls, that's why I asked. For me we can try to 
work on the issue by mail, and then discuss it when we'd have time in 
following calls.

> The general opinion in the mailing list is that the servers do not to
> restrict any property. Therefore, I propose the following in order to
> close the issue:
> .- To remove from 4.4.1 the following statement:
> [[
> The only recognized exception are the properties dcterms:modified and
> dcterms:creator that are never under client control - BPR servers must
> ignore any values of these properties that are provided by the client.
> ]]

+1 to remove it, sure. Those properties could refer to the actual data, 
and not to the managed resources.

> .- To include in 4.4.1 the following statement:
> [[
> However, BPR servers MAY ignore server-managed properties.
> ]]
> One example of the need for this second statement is the following: I
> upload a photo to flickr and later I try to update this photo saying
> that the owner is another person. flickr business logic won't allow me
> to do that.

I see the use case. Let me think about it, and I'll come back with a 
more detailed proposal for sec. 4.4.1.


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