Re: Ten Questions for the Implementation of the Digital Single Market

Dear Victor,

  thanks for joining the discussion. I am a bit puzzled by your 
repsonse. Actually, I thought that we as LD4LT community would have most 
interest and expertise to contribute to questions 1 and 2.

I see this as a problem essentially of supporting linking and 
localization of product catalogues across countries. And to me this is a 
core topic for this community, would you not agree?

It is true that points 8 and 9 are not specific to LD4LT, but important 
topics that we should be aware of to create synergies between different 

So question back to you: which questions would you say are relevant to 
drive our R&D effort in the next 5-10 years?



Am 06.04.15 um 12:25 schrieb Víctor Rodríguez Doncel:
> Dear Philipp, all,
> I had read the same sources you cite in the PPT and in consequence I 
> share your view.
> Nevertheless, I would like to comment on the questions. See below.
> El 02/04/2015 15:54, Philipp Cimiano escribió:
>> Dear all,
>>  thanks to those who attended the call today on the topic 
>> "Multilingual Linked Data for the Digital Single Market".
>> Here are the 10 important questions that I raised in my slides...
>> 1) How do we support SMEs in providing information about products and 
>> their features in 24 languages?
>> 2) How do we ensure consistency and homogeneity of product 
>> information so that Pan-European cross-vendor comparison becomes 
>> possible?
> I dont think there is much we can do regarding 1-2)
>> 3) How do we support online dispute resolution in 24 languages 
>> effectively?
>> 4) How do we support finding previous online dispute resolution 
>> similar cases, also across languages?
> There is a recent Directive (Directive 2013/11 on alternative dispute 
> resolution for consumer disputes) and a new Regulation (Regulation  No 
> 524/2013 on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes), and the
> Online Dispute Resolution is a hot topic in the EC agenda. There are a 
> few hundreds ADR systems in force, and there is a plea in favour of 
> their coordination.
> Multilingual Linked Data can play a role here but not a leading role. 
> It would be good knowing the requirements of the ODR/ADR community and 
> determining if we can be of help.
>> 5) How do we support linking of public sector datasets (e.g. business 
>> registry data, open government data) etc. across languages 
>> effectively to allow for mashups, cross-country comparisons, 
>> repurposing of data etc.?
>> 6) How do we support SMEs and other organizations in finding and 
>> accessing public sector data intuitively?
>> 7) How do we ensure interoperability of public services across borders?
>> 8) How do we ensure quality of and trust in data?
> This problem is not specific of the Multilingual Linked Data
>> 9) How do we support clearance of licensing issue to ensure 
>> compliance in data use?
> This belongs to the private law sphere, and we can do little here, but 
> provide the means for a data market --for which we are working already 
> at LIDER.
>> 10) How do we support SMEs in interacting with customers in 24 
>> languages and in listening to the voice of customers in 24 languages?
>> Do you have any feedback or comments on these 10 questions?
>> Comments on how Multilingual Linked Data Technology could contribute 
>> to develop solutions to address the above mentioned challenges are 
>> more than welcome (see slides 10-15 in my presentation, attached for 
>> the sake of easier reference).
> Thanks and see you soon!
> Victor
>> Happy easter to everyone!
>> Philipp.
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