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Reminder - Ld4lt call Thursday 15.00 CEST

From: Dave Lewis <dave.lewis@cs.tcd.ie>
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2014 14:08:47 +0100
Message-ID: <53AC1B5F.8010606@cs.tcd.ie>
To: "public-ld4lt@w3.org" <public-ld4lt@w3.org>
Sorry for late reminder guys, I've been without email the last few days 
but we have a call scheduled now.


and on irc.w3.org

please join me if you are able.

A quick update on the agenda:

1) Action item review:

ACTION-5: proposal for a license module - Victor

ACTION-6: Send examples related to DCAT use for META-SHARE ontology - John

ACTION-7: Check with w3c groups if there are other approaches to
represent languages as uris - felix

  2) an update on terminology issue from Felix
see thread:

3) an announcement from dave on modelling MQM from qt-launch pad in rdf
with Arle lommel.
MQM - multidemnsional quality metric for translation from QT-launchpad;

Discuss this as another vocab that could benefit from mapping into RDF
See discussion at ITS interest group:

4) quick update from dave on the open data management for public
automated translation,

5) working session continuing work on Metashare ontology
details on activity:
and working spread sheet:

6) AOB

talk to you in a few minutes,
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