A guide to the XML syntax of invisible XML


I took an action to craft an outline for a guide to the XML vocabulary
of ixml. You an see the first skeletal attempt here:


I’m not really happy with the included RNG fragments. We probably need
to show a couple of different patterns where, for example, a pattern for
THING is just an indirection to H.THING and it’s actuall H.THING that
contains the definition. At the moment, I’m just showing H.THING and
that’s probably misleading sometimes.

I also have code for turning the RNG fragments into something more human
readable. For example, like this:


But that’s more work to setup and I don’t know if we’d all think it was
an improvement, so I haven’t done it (yet?).

If you’re curious about the build process, check out the xml-doc branch
of my fork of the ixml repo, https://github.com/ndw/ixml

There’s no point making it into a pull request just yet because there
are a bunch of necessary changes to the build.gradle script and the PR
will be built with the current master version so it wouldn’t do anthing
with the guide. The guide is here, if you just want to browse it:


                                        Be seeing you,

Norm Tovey-Walsh

Received on Sunday, 8 January 2023 12:54:09 UTC