Re: BIDI : tackling the delimiter weirdness

On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 12:44 AM, Shawn Steele
<> wrote:
> I'm not sure that solves the problem.  Specifically with these examples:
>   Logical representation: "http://ab.CDE.FGH/ij/kl/mn/op.html"
>   Visual representation: "http://ab.HGF.EDC/ij/kl/mn/op.html"
> "real users" seem to get confused by the HGF.EDC behavior, and instead expect the data to have the hierarchy remain in a consistent direction, eg: http://ab.EDC.HGF/ij/kl/mn/op.html seems to be the expected behavior.

That's exactly what I am saying. And that's the behaviour I am
expecting. The "." in the host name component defines a relationship
of the type : A.B.C means A belongs to domain B which in turn belongs
to TLD C; and a RTL directionality (rightmost C is at the top level of
the hierarchy) thus ab.EDC.HGF is the right visual representation.

Slim Amamou | سليم عمامو

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