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> Il 10/01/2022 04:49 Sebastian Lasse <> ha scritto:
> I don't understand. 
> EU has now multiple times asked for technical input. 
> They need it BEFORE decisions.
At this stage, the input they need is only vaguely technical, and mostly related to the socio-economic consequences of the provisions that will go into the law, which are necessarily very abstract and general (you can't put technological details that change quickly and continuously in a law text that usually has a lifecycle of at least 10-20 years). The only technical question that I received by MEPs in my interactions was "would it be technically possible to make these services interoperable without breaking encryption and endangering security and privacy" - all the rest were like "would this be effective in creating more competition", and I don't think that the W3C or this community group wants to take a stance on that (am I wrong?).

On the other hand, as Mark also pointed out, there will be an implementation phase in which these very general principles will have to be turned into practical, implementable directions. This covers the choice or development of technical standards, but also putting substance into the definitions, e.g. agreeing on what is secure enough or which functionalities are "industry standard features" that have to be opened up. On that, this group could definitely have something to suggest; but this will happen after the law is finally approved.


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