Immersive Web Meeting Tuesday, April 9th, 10am Pacific

Hello, builders of the immersive web!

Tomorrow's call will be different than our usual routine. Instead of
focusing on specific issues and pull requests we will look forward five to
ten years and co-create a list of the major aspects of the immersive web
that need to be a part of the open Internet.

The goal of tomorrow's meeting is to create that list. Afterwards I'll take
the list and create a "tech radar" style document
<> that groups the list items
in a useful way. I'll do this in a PR on the proposals repo so that we can
collaborate as usual. Once the tech radar reaches a stable state I'll use
it to write a blog post on the community group's long ignored blog

I realize that this is a bit "out there" compared to our usual focused
calls so if you have other work that feels more important then feel free to
skip the call and send your ideas to me in email and I'll add them to the

If you do intend to attend it would be great if you could take five or ten
minutes and daydream a bit about the immersive web of the future and jot
down the major aspects you see.

I'll see you tomorrow,

- Trevor


*Trevor Flowers* 🌸🌸
Principal at Transmutable <>
Friend of the Wider Web <>

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