Repo maintenance

Hey, immersive web folks.

Spring is here (at least in Seattle) and so it's time for a little Spring
cleaning. I've gone through the proposals repo and closed the Issues that
haven't been touched since last year. This doesn't mean that the Issues
aren't still relevant to the immersive web, just that we're not actively
working on them.

If there's an Issue that you would like to work on by thinking through what
are the next steps to refine our understanding or to work towards a
standard then let me know! Re-opening Issues is a one-click action so think
of closed Issues as "paused" instead of "deleted".

I've also tagged all of the feature incubation repos with the "incubation"
tag so that they're a little easier to find. We're starting to have quite a
few of them and some haven't attracted much interest since they were
created. I'll be reaching out to the people who signed up to champion each
feature incubation repo to see what needs to happen next.

Stay open,

- Trevor


*Trevor Flowers* 🌸🌸
Principal at Transmutable <>
Friend of the Wider Web <>

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