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WebXR Device API Logo Proposal

From: Ada Rose Cannon <ada@ada.is>
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2019 22:43:05 +0000
To: public-immersive-web-wg@w3.org, public-immersive-web@w3.org
Message-ID: <c-22b89-jxxtx50h-khwwjr=4e6isi@2.gethop.com>
Hi Everyone,

The chairs and editors have been working with Deigo Gonzalez, who designed the logo for Progressive Web Apps, to pull together a logo for the Web XR Device API. We're really excited to show what he's come up with.

It is designed to work on light and dark backgrounds, the shape evokes a W and an X in its silhouette whilst giving a 3D feeling.

We hope you like this proposal; we're also open to alternatives as an official logo.

If you have any thoughts, please let us know.


Brandon has also made it as a 3D model which you can rotate: https://toji.github.io/webxr-logo/

- Ada, Chris, Trevor, Brandon and Nell

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