Re: Text emphasis in vertical mongolian script & other questions

On 20/03/2017 17:54, Badral S. wrote:
> I am trying to understand the mentioned inconsistency in this issue. Are
> the overlines defined to be right in CSS? Can you send me the CSS spec
> for vertical text decoration?

The CSS spec makes a distinction in the Writing Modes spec between 
'before'/'after' and 'over'/'under' (or perhaps better named 
'line-over'/'line-under') at

'line-over' and 'line-under' are the opposite of 'before' and 'after' 
locations when text is in writing-mode vertical-lr, but the same for 

For CSS text-emphasis-position the default is 'over right'. The terms 
are used slightly differently here, but the word 'right' is the 
important one for vertical text. The table below indicates that the 
expectation is that text-emphasis will appear in vertical orientations 
to the right by default, even where Chinese favours under for horizontal 
text. See

For CSS text-underline-position the word 'under' has a slightly 
different meaning again (signifying a position that is unlikely to cut 
through descenders), and the default value (auto) doesn't seem to 
clearly address the expectation for vertical text defaults.  The example 
in that section for CJK text implies, however, that CSS expects that by 
default user agents will position underlines to the right for Japanese 
and Korean, but to the left for Chinese text.  There is no mention of 
Mongolian.  Overlines appear on the opposite side of the text from the 
underline. See

For CSS ruby-position in the current draft the default is 'over' (in the 
sense defined for writing modes), ie. ruby appears to the right, whether 
the text is vertical-lr or vertical-rl. See

hope that helps,

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