Re: Text emphasis in vertical mongolian script & other questions

Hi Richard,
Thank you!
I am trying to understand the mentioned inconsistency in this issue. Are 
the overlines defined to be right in CSS? Can you send me the CSS spec 
for vertical text decoration?


On 20.03.2017 18:00, r12a wrote:
> On 07/03/2017 12:50, r12a wrote:
>> The TTML spec, which is used for things such as subtitling, allows for
>> vertical writing with lines going left to right, which is what mongolian
>> needs.
>> However, the default position for line decorations such as underline and
>> CJK emphasis marks are set to appear on the wrong side of the line by
>> default. (Same for ruby.)
>> To help make the case, could you provide examples of the following?
>>  -   vertical Mongolian script text with underlining
>>  -   vertical Mongolian script with embedded Chinese/Japanese text that
>> uses emphasis marks that appear to the right of the vertical line
>>  -   any other type of text decoration similar to these.
>> Please reply in the github issue at
>> if you can.
> Just an update on this.
> I'm proposing that TTML change the default so that text decorations 
> (such as ruby and overline, and text emphasis marks in Chinese text 
> embedded in Mongolian) appear by default to the right of the vertical 
> mongolian line, and underlines appear to the left.
> I didn't receive any examples, so i the case as best i could, and it 
> seems a decision will be made soon by the TTML Working Group. I'm not 
> sure that it will go in Mongolian's favour at this point, ie. it may 
> be that any time you want to use Mongolian subtitling you would have 
> to override the default position for these things first.
> If you'd like to contribute comments or examples, i think you'll need 
> to do so before Thursday.
> here is the relevant TTML github issue: 
> cheers,
> ri

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