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Greg, Jirimutu, Badral,

Thanks for your responses!  Let me try to synthesise what i heard here, 
to check whether i understood correctly, and ask some follow-on 
questions.  (It would be great if you have examples to hand that you 
could scan and send, btw.)


Greg has seen full-width punctuation characters. (It would be great if 
you could give me some examples of what kinds of punctuation 
characters.)  I'm assuming that it wouldn't include the fullwidth commas 
and periods you see in Chinese text but perhaps it includes question 
marks? Parentheses and brackets?

Jirimutu mentioned what i understood to be counters for lists – is that 
correct?  If so, that's interesting, since i was going to ask about that 
specific case.

Badral mentioned that he'd seen full-width Latin + Cyrillic characters. 
The addition of cyrillic here is interesting because there are no 
fullwidth cyrillic characters in Unicode afaik. Is a font applied to 
achieve that effect?


I should have probably already mentioned that i expect Han characters to 
be upright in vertical Mongolian text, and that this is produced by 
default when using CSS styling.  UTR#50 [1] describes the vo property, 
which indicates which characters appear upright by default, and which 
are rotated (and in some cases transformed).

I'm hearing, however, that there are occasions where Latin text, and 
characters such as digits may appear upright, although by default they 
run down the page on their side.

Jirimutu also mentioned characters such as circled digits, which it 
seems logical to see upright. shows circled digits 
for list counters, but there is CSS styling to make them display on 
their side, rather than appear upright (which would be the default for 
those characters).  So that suggests to me that content authors may want 
these list counters may appear sideways, rather than upright (which is 
their natural default according to Unicode properties).

I guess i should probably have asked whether fullwidth characters always 
stand upright, or whether they can also run down the page on their side.



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