Emailing: Isolate Comparision between fonts.docx

The last listing showing the Isolate Comparison by font had the red circling mal-formed. I am correcting that by using a pdf To show the differences.

I suggest that the Todo differences are not that significant as there are only three once-off occurrences.

The AliGali is identical in all fonts so there is no discussion needed there.

The Mongolian 1823/1824/1825/1826 situation still stands discussion. My questions are

*         What do we print on a keyboard for these four letters? I would think it would be [cid:image005.jpg@01D0F843.DC45E5D0] [cid:image006.jpg@01D0F843.DC45E5D0] [cid:image007.jpg@01D0F843.DC45E5D0] [cid:image008.jpg@01D0F843.DC45E5D0] .  What shaping do you get for the sequence <U+1823><SPACE><U+1824><SPACE><U+1825><SPACE><U+1826>? If we give the shaping as be [cid:image005.jpg@01D0F843.DC45E5D0] [cid:image005.jpg@01D0F843.DC45E5D0] [cid:image007.jpg@01D0F843.DC45E5D0] [cid:image007.jpg@01D0F843.DC45E5D0] how do we answer the pupil when he/she asks why there is a difference?

*         When we are teaching the alphabet in the classroom, do we teach  [cid:image005.jpg@01D0F85E.F3909EE0] [cid:image006.jpg@01D0F85E.F3909EE0] [cid:image007.jpg@01D0F85E.F3909EE0] [cid:image005.jpg@01D0F843.DC45E5D0] [cid:image005.jpg@01D0F843.DC45E5D0] [cid:image007.jpg@01D0F843.DC45E5D0] [cid:image007.jpg@01D0F843.DC45E5D0]  or  [cid:image005.jpg@01D0F85E.F3909EE0] [cid:image006.jpg@01D0F85E.F3909EE0] [cid:image007.jpg@01D0F85E.F3909EE0] [cid:image005.jpg@01D0F843.DC45E5D0] [cid:image006.jpg@01D0F843.DC45E5D0] [cid:image007.jpg@01D0F843.DC45E5D0] [cid:image008.jpg@01D0F843.DC45E5D0] ? It would seem very strange to be giving instruction where you are teaching two different letters with exactly the same form.

The Sibe / Manchu script differences raise the same questions as the Mongolian.


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