Re: Overide #2 (NA and GA)

On Mon, 7 Sep 2015 13:55:06 +0000
Greg Eck <> wrote:

> This is the DS01 third medial form or the Todo-specific medial NA.
> I am not sure where the notion of it being constructed as
> <ZWJ><180A><1828><ZWJ>. If anything we might represent it as
> <ZWJ><1828><180D><ZWJ>. Greg

The problem is that GB/T 26226-2010 Table A defines this as undotted
NA, while Table B defines it as the 'Todo-specific' medial NA.  What is
the grammatical trigger for this form?  I got the impression it
occurred at morpheme boundaries.

>> >>>>>
>> Table B of GB/T 26226-2010 does not contain the medial 'separate
>> form'
>> of NA.  Conceivably, it has been reanalysed as NIRUGU + medial NA.
>> >>>>>
I had already retracted the above and stated that in fact it wasn't
missing from Table B.


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