Mongolian shape index

i don't know whether it's of use to anyone besides myself, but i just 
uploaded a shape-based index to Mongolian glyphs.  For each glyph shape 
the chart tells you what characters that glyph in what positional or 
variant-selected context. It doesn't tell you about font-based contexts, 
such as are produced by OpenType rules.

the order of glyphs is a bit rough at the moment, and based on my 
perceptions of the overall shape (and not quite finished at that). 
Later i'll allow the user to select an alternative order based on a 
slightly more rigorous approach.

Note also that i lump together some of the glyphs that have hard to 
distinguish differences, or that are differentiated by a baseline extension.

well, anyway, its at:


Received on Friday, 7 August 2015 12:20:27 UTC