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Thanks for the input on this area.
Further discussion of this thread will be called Control Characters being displayed (FVS1-3, MVS).
I am interested in the subject but I will not be personally following it as there are other weightier matters to decide on.

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>> 6. For display FVS1, FVS2, FVS3 mark, we use ZWJ+FVS1, FVS2, FVS3 
>> (maybe we can select both ZWJ/ZWNJ for this purpose). The MVS mark 
>> can be displayed in same way.

> This is for printing the FVS1, FVS2, FVS3, MVS mark which is printed 
> in U1800.pdf Unicode Mongolian Chart in the Mongolian Text.

a) Unicode currently recommends that <ZWJ, FVSx> be interpreted as <FVSx, ZWJ>.

b) I am very sure Unicode will not accept <ZWJ, FVSx> as a graphic character.

c) If one needs a special character for depicting control sequences, then
(i) Use the Private Use Area, or
(ii) Request symbols in the Control Pictures block (2400..243F).
There's space in the block.

d) One could considering characters such as ① U+2460 CIRCLED DIGIT ONE or even sequences such as 1⃞  <U+0031 DIGIT ONE, U+20DE COMBINING ENCLOSING SQUARE>.


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