Re: New Thread - FVS Assignment MisMatch

On Thu, 6 Aug 2015 01:56:08 +0000
Greg Eck <> wrote:

> If we take one example from the font comparator site
> ( ) and look at
> U+1820. We see that Isolate+FVS1 is specified. Isolate+FVS2 AND
> Isolate+FVS3 are not specified as they are "don't care conditions".
> These two sequences are left to the judgment of the font designer to
> handle.


<U+1820, FVS3> must be treated the same as U+1820, for the variation
sequence is not defined.  Once <U+1820, FVS2> ceases to be specified
for any position, then the same will apply to <U+1820, FVS2>.

It is not clear what should happen if only some positional variants are
defined for a variation sequence.


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