Re: Mongolian Variation Sequences Missing from Unicode 8.00 Code Chart

On Mon, 3 Aug 2015 05:51:15 +0000
Michel Suignard <> wrote:

> The standardizedvariants document is being deprecated by the UTC in
> favor of the code charts that now contain the same information with
> improved glyphs.

My first problem is that it doesn't.  And it would be grossly
misleading to claim that StandardizedVariants.txt defined the variants
for Mongolian.  It states what variants exist, but not what the
variations are.

In principal, the omissions ought to be reported as ballot comment for
Issue 5 of ISO 10646.  I don't know whether the Mongolian chart will
be regenerated with the rendering corrections as a matter of course for
Issue 5.

> Please use the Mongolian 8.0 code charts as current
> reference. I had been working on the past with Greg to improve the
> status of the descriptions of these variants.

I trust I have missed something, because it looks like an attempt to
sneak changes through.  I don't believe it is a good idea to change the
meaning of variation selectors.  If we can't use general purpose
variation selectors such as U+FE00 VARIATION SELECTOR-1, there is still
room at U+180F.

> Another improvement of
> these code charts is to soon show all contextual forms (isolated,
> initial, medial, and final) to facilitate the reading of the
> variants which are themselves contextual.

That is a welcome enhancement.


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