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> What is the problem ? what I am saying here is we will follow the
> Unicode Encoding chart U1800.pdf to select the default isolate
> variant form.

If you mean you will make a choice consistent with standardised
variants, that is fine.  If you mean the isolated form will
necessarily be the one that is shown in the code chart, that is wrong.

> But do you know, how many undistinguishable word exactly in
> Mongolian ? According to our approximately statistic, 
> there are almost 80% of the word have more than two spelling in
> current Mongolian Unicode encoding.

Is that true?  There may be more than two spellings that look the same,
but do they *sound* the same?  As I understand it, the Mongolian
encoding represents sounds as well as appearance.  Are Mongolian
dictionaries sorted according to sound or according to visual form?

> We have no other selection, we have to use current version of the
> Unicode Mongolian.

> It is Ok to me that the principle of the Mongolian Variant form
> mapping might be quietly different with my list.
> But I am hoping that there should be one this kind of principle. 

It is a shame that the explanation is missing.  I'm still trying to
understand the shaping rules, but I think the variation selectors are
most organised as you suggest.

> Do you agree that because of the Unicode Mongolian Encoding rule
> definition, the users have to change their learned grammar to fit the
> Unicode rule ? Or Unicode rule need to fit with the majority people's
> existing grammar knowledge ? 

The adjustments should only be minor.  There may be ways to
make what looks like a big difference into a small difference.
Otherwise, the Mongolian encoding seems to have failed. 


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