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<> wrote:

> But what I mean
> here "on top of corresponding character" in horizontal writing, still
> remain "in the top" in the vertical writing mode.
> Because the Chinese
> and Tibetan character will not rotate in vertical writing system
> actually.

But I would argue that these are not Tibetan characters; they are
Mongolian characters used to transliterate Tibetan characters.

> And I found the U1883 and U1884 is
> also rotated to fit to write in the left side of the Mongolian
> character. This is mean that these character will be written on the
> left side of the corresponding character in horizontal writing mode.

The Unicode Standard contains mistakes, and the code chart for
Mongolian clearly does.  I hope to report tonight a set of unarguable
mistakes such as the omission of the glyph for "1820 180C  third form
(medial)"; the glyph is missing for many such variants.

I would say it is probably best to accept what the code chart has done
for U+1883 and U+1884, unless you know of fonts or natural writing that
behave differently.


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