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> For this reason, these character is not the punctuation group. It is
> the part Mongolian word. I am not sure if it is proper or not to
> classify them to ALetter or to Others. Maybe it should be classified
> to Extend or Format ? just my personal consideration now.

When you say 'on top', do you 'to the left' in vertical writing, or do
they interrupt the sequence of letters with stems?  If they interrupt
the sequence of letters with stems, then they are letters, and the
Unicode properties are correct.

If they are written to the side when writing vertically, then:

1) The representative glyphs in the Unicode Standard need to be changed
(to the style seen for U+18A9, with a dotted circle)
2) Their general category (gc) needs to be changed from Lo to Mn
3) As a result of this change, they should be automatically reclassified
as Word_Break = Extend and Line_Break=CM.  There are other changes
that should also be made, but these will probably also be made
automatically or semi-automatically.

None of this affects word breaking or lay-out.  It ought not to affect
OpenType fonts with complete GDEF tables if they are already rendering


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