RE: Mongolian NNBSP [I18N-ACTION-458]

I don't know of any spell-checkers for Mongolian in Word.
Aaron, do you know of anything in the works for spell-checkers in Mongolian?

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Andrew West <<>> wrote:

> I thought that rendering engines were already correctly rendering
> suffixes after NNBSP, and that the issue was with some editors and
> word processors (notably Word) incorrectly segmenting Mongolian text
> for word counting, word selection and word navigation purposes.  If
> text-processing applications rely on WordBreakProperty.txt for word
> breaking then they should work after the change is introduced; if not,
> then it is up to users to report the behaviour as a bug to the
> individual software vendors.

Word doesn't use WordBreakProperty.txt.  While Microsoft may take note of a recommended change to the file, the trouble with NNBSP should be reported independently.  The best argument would be what happens for spell-checking.  Does Word have a Mongolian spell-checker?


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