[CSSWG][css-text-3] CSS3 Text Last Call Working Draft

The W3C CSS Working Group has published a Last Call Working Draft of
the CSS Text Module Level 3:

This module covers various aspects of text layout including white space
processing, text transformations, line breaking, justification, and
indentation, including additions to level 2 to address internationalization
concerns, allowing better typography in non-Western (and Western) scripts.

Significant changes since the previous CSS3 Text WD are listed at:

The deadline for comments is

   ** Thursday 7 November 2013 **

If you need more time, please request an extension before the deadline
so that we know to wait for your comments. We plan to process the bulk
of the LC comments that weekend and during TPAC the week after. It's
okay if you need more time, we just need to know about it. :)

Please send any comments to the <www-style@w3.org> mailing list
and please, prefix the subject line with [css-text] as I did on this
message so that we don't lose track of your feedback. Alternately,
you may ask one of the editors (myself or Koji Ishii) to forward
your comments.

We would especially appreciate a detailed review from the following
typographic communities, particularly on the topics of line-breaking
and justification:

    * Korean
    * Southeast Asian
    * Indic

Please forward this announcement as appropriate; we really need a
worldwide review on this one.


Received on Thursday, 10 October 2013 19:11:51 UTC