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Notes on March 6, 2016 Updates to ELREQ Doc

From: Daniel Yacob <yacob@geez.org>
Date: Mon, 07 Mar 2016 05:22:18 +0000
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To: "public-i18n-ethiopic@w3.org" <public-i18n-ethiopic@w3.org>
Hello Everyone,

Some notes on updates to the developing Ethiopian Layout Requirements

*  A section has been added for Ethiopic Emphasis which came out of a
discussion that Elias and I had last week. It includes a new image that
illustrates both ecclesiastical emphasis as well as the modern Eritrean
Tigrinya's, and Blin's, wordspace-as-comma usage.
* Another section is added that provides examples of modern Sebatbeit
letter shape preferences.

Please review the document and suggest any changes or additions to be
made.  I'd like to turn it over to Richard to review and provide feedback
for us to address to lead up to the first public working draft.

The primary goal at this time is still to identify issues that should be
addressed to support Ethiopic layout requirements; and to raise the right
questions to put before stakeholders -but not to definitively answer those

thank you,

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