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[w3c/i18n-request] HTML (WHATWG periodic) > 2019-11-30 (#85) [I18N-ACTION-854]

could you comment on an a TTML issue? [I18N-ACTION-855]

Daily github digest (WG INTERNAL review issues)

I18N review complete: RE: Horizontal review request: Intersection Observer [I18N-ACTION-845]

I18N-ACTION-850: Ping xfq@ about ttml2 review progress and ask ttml2 for an extension

I18N-ACTION-851: Review ttml issues found in request issue 86 and send findings by next week

I18N-ACTION-852: Send an email to chairs announcing new review request process (pending richard's ping)

I18N-ACTION-853: Give system/comms team guidance on i18n best practices to make new home page readily localizable

I18N-ACTION-854: Write back about html snapshot publication, indicating our on-going work

I18N-ACTION-855: Ask fantasai to make bidi comments on ttml issue

I18N-ACTION-856: Check the time planner in the meeting page to ensure it is correct for 2020

I18N-ACTION-857: File a bug against safari regarding quotes and line-breaking in chinese

I18N-ACTION-858: Remind wg to review string-meta and make comments

I18N-ACTION-859: Double-check that github picked up closing of 5 wcag i18n issues

I18N-ACTION-860: Submit issue 650 to vc-data-model

I18N-ACTION-861: Add retrieving the weekly digest of external issues and reviewing it to the agenda

I18N-ACTION-862: Chase down the missing review request

I18N-ACTION-863: Liaise with atsushi to come up with list of items to review/triage in teleconference

I18N-ACTION-864: Review prs on string-meta

I18N-ACTION-865: Fix page at wrt which edge is being reported

I18N-ACTION-866: After richard fixes test page, open an issue against webkit regarding support for isolating controls

I18N-ACTION-867: Remind group to read css 4497 for next week

I18N-ACTION-868: Think about how to track bugs reported against products such as browsers

I18N-ACTION-869: Write a "sense of the i18n wg" comment on css 4497

I18N-ACTION-870: Write scope statement for locale-related work

I18N-ACTION-871: Ask css why they didn't use our process to request a pre-cr review

I18N-ACTION-872: Convert personalization-semantics comments into separate issues putting needs-resolution and tracker labels

I18N-ACTION-873: Create a pr on string-search pointing to find-text issues and the need to resolve or comment on issues and requirements

I18N-ACTION-874: Ask after the status of dpub's css-priorities doc in reference to our issue 195

I18N-ACTION-875: Find out actual status of webvtt documents from issue 15 etc.

I18N-ACTION-876: Research webvtt horizontal review request and contact plh if there appears to be a gap

I18N-ACTION-877: Update the webvtt issues with correct labels

I18N-ACTION-878: Refile issue 195 against the new community group after cg is created (depends on epub3 charter)

I18N-ACTION-879: Remind wg to review rules for simple placement of ruby for next week's telecon

I18N-ACTION-880: Ask florian about splitting the accessibility material from "rules for simple..." in prep for taking doc to note

I18N-ACTION-881: Set up simple-ruby repo

I18N-ACTION-882: Reply to webvtt issue 256 (our issue 8)

I18N-ACTION-883: Open issue 79 against media-streams noting that we're just housekeeping the previous issue

Status of dpub-css-priorities

webvtt in timed-text WG (was: Re: I18N-ACTION-875: Find out actual status of webvtt documents from issue 15 etc.)

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