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[Webtransport] A comment on draft-kinnear-httpbis-http2-transport-02

audio elements in vertical writing mode

Daily github digest (WG INTERNAL review issues)

I18N-ACTION-838: Add wai pronunciation docs to radar

I18N-ACTION-839: Review "awaiting comment resolution" items, moving appropriate ones to completed and listing open issues

I18N-ACTION-840: Find out about potential schedule clash with ttwg and report back if we need to consider a time change

I18N-ACTION-841: Change the meeting page to ensure it reflects the pending time change

I18N-ACTION-842: Write to other hr groups via team list and ask about label patterns in github

I18N-ACTION-843: Close xslt tracker items

I18N-ACTION-844: Close tracker items for utr51, package on the web, css flexbox

I18N-ACTION-845: Advise intersection observer about our review, pointing out issue 488

I18N-ACTION-846: File 2 issues against whatwg infra about case-sensitive and update css comment

I18N-ACTION-847: Document proposed repo-based review request mechanism

I18N-ACTION-848: Write to plh about automating review requests

I18N-ACTION-849: Write to ttml wg and ask after vertical presentation of audio controls including an appropriate summary

TPAC Followup: W3C I18N & Accessibility; ISO 639 language codes

Weekly github digest (I18n repos)

Weekly github digest (Review comments)

Weekly github digest (Tracker items)

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