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agenda+ Fwd: Re: language for unicode string [I18N-ACTION-800]

Call for Exclusions: Strings on the Web: Language and Direction Metadata

CORRECTION [Was: Call for Exclusions: Strings on the Web: Language and Direction Metadata]

Daily github digest (WG INTERNAL review issues)

I18N-ACTION-792: Filling tpac2019 wbs request

I18N-ACTION-793: Update issue 251 to point at string-meta fpwd and suggest considering our work

I18N-ACTION-794: Research what happened to the discussion of autocapitalize issue 573 and if needed raise with whatwg

I18N-ACTION-795: Send issue 521 to css

I18N-ACTION-796: Comment on web-share issue 6 pointing to string-meta

I18N-ACTION-797: Start writing weekly summary of new/tracked issues

I18N-ACTION-798: Make new autocapitalization issue against html based on today's discussion

I18N-ACTION-799: Check whatwg for issue 518 (multiple meta description allowed)

I18N-ACTION-800: Write a personal response to eric p's email to public list about wasm language for unicode string

I18N-ACTION-801: Ask unicore about issue 686 and the behavior of zwsp

I18N-ACTION-802: Reach out to JSON-LD 1.1 about base direction and I18N reviews

I18N-ACTION-803: Suggest some wording to unicode around zwsp and stretching

I18N-ACTION-804: Examine our issue 96 and css 3754 and ensure we can close or reopen if necessary

I18N-ACTION-805: Send list of w3c html issues for review next week

I18N-ACTION-806: Work with richard on a template for fpwd request boilerplate

I18N-ACTION-807: Research html issue 1023 (our 481) and see if whatwg has text that needs an edit

I18N-ACTION-808: Research the 6 close suggested issues vs. the whatwg specification

I18N-ACTION-809: Please research the "needs review" issues in the linked email vs. the whatwg specification

I18N-ACTION-810: Review captcha changes (issue 705, a11y issue 29)

I18N-ACTION-811: Forward comments on dcat including one on base direction

I18N-ACTION-812: Investigate situation for accesskey including wording and tests and report back

I18N-ISSUE-520: Reach out to JSON-LD 1.1 about including direction metadata and I18N reviews

Internationalization Working Group and Internationalization Interest Group Charters Approved; Call for participation

New I18N resource available: short review checklist [I18N-ACTION-788]

Weekly github digest (I18n repos)

Weekly github digest (Review comments)

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