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[I18N-ACTION-702] Bidi controls 1-pager

[webvtt] Question about WebVTT CR transition [I18N-ACTION-712]

Daily github digest (WG INTERNAL review issues)

I18N-ACTION-708: Set up southeast asian task force and corresponding repo

I18N-ACTION-709: Announce charmod to ietf@ (jck to post to other lists)

I18N-ACTION-710: Announce charmod on home page, twitter and send to unicore

I18N-ACTION-711: Follow up on pointer spec to see if they requested a review

I18N-ACTION-712: Ping webvtt on our issues 4 and 12 since they have a cr transition with these open

I18N-ACTION-713: Make html53 review homework for next telecon

I18N-ACTION-714: Check spacing for french examples in q element article (for non-breaking)

I18N-ACTION-715: Add info to q element article about quoted text that should looks like original

I18N-ACTION-716: Update whatwg issue 3636 to say we discussed and would like to proceed

I18N-ACTION-717: Update microdata issue 21 saying we don't object

I18N-ACTION-718: Add html issue 1424 to homework for next week

I18N-ACTION-719: Respond to gamepad that we reviewed with no issues

I18N-ACTION-720: Write to html and tell them we're not quite done with the review of 5.3

I18N-ACTION-721: Look into font subsetting for charmod-norm

I18N-ACTION-722: Work with peter and jck on a response relative to thai eai request

I18N-ACTION-723: Follow up on our utr53 comments

I18N-ACTION-724: Review "awaiting comment resolution" items and follow up

I18N-ACTION-725: Raise profile of whatwg thread on autocomplete/autocapitalize

I18N-ACTION-726: File utf-8 issue on html53

I18N-ACTION-727: Invite stakeholders for html issue 1424 to next teleconference and say that we are doing this on the issue itself

I18N-ACTION-728: Ping groups about open comments under "awaiting comment resolution"

I18N-ACTION-729: And fantasai to write an article on ltr scripts historically written rtl

I18N-ACTION-730: Write an article about rtl usage for non-semitic text particularly historic scripts

I18N-ACTION-731: Send intro to tc39 to start liaising conversation

I18N-ACTION-732: Send intro to tc39 to start liaising conversation

I18N-ACTION-733: Follow up on creating simple explanation of length limits for specdev or some other document

I18N-ACTION-734: (and jck) post pointer to slides on encoding form/length stuff

Not quite done with our HTML 5.3 review [I18N-ACTION-720]

Three Internationalization (I18n) Groups Charters Extended

TPAC 2018 registration now open

Weekly github digest (I18n repos)

Weekly github digest (Review comments)

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